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About Us
Introduction to Gossamer Structures:

Gossamer Structures is a specialist engineering company based in South Africa that produces high quality end-of-line packaging machinery. Customer service, product quality and reliability are the company’s highest priorities.Being a dynamic company, we offer the ability to adapt to your unique needs.Visit our Youtube Channel, "Gossamer Packaging Machinery", for videos of some of our machines and solutions in action.

Feel free to contact us with a specific requirement, should our standard products not fulfill your exact needs. In the current world economy we understand how important your long term business strategy is.

Our packaging solutions offer long term reliability and include the after sales service that one would expect from a world class company.

Inspiration for Company Name:

On June 12, 1979 the Gossamer Albatross made history by being the first man-powered aircraft to fly across the English Channel. The undertaking of this unique engineering challenge gave way to incredible engineering perseverance and human willpower. Watch this video to get the full story of this awe inspiring feat.
Company History:

Gossamer Structures was founded in 1990 by Charl Nieder-Heitmann who graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, in 1984.

The initial focus of Gossamer Structures was the design and manufacture of precision built, lightweight composite structures. Seeing opportunity and market need for end-of-line packaging machinery, the company’s focus was purposefully shifted to the design and manufacture of high quality, cost effective packaging machinery solutions.

Over the past two decades Gossamer Structures has grown to be one of South Africa’s leading brands in the packaging industry. To date more than two thousand Gossamer machines have been commissioned worldwide.

Company Founder’s History:
Charl Nieder-Heitmann was born in Rustenburg, South Africa, on 13 April, 1960. After building a lawnmower engine into an old delivery bicycle at the age of 12, it was apparent that he was destined to become an engineer. He went to Rustenburg Technical High School and after finishing school he went to Stellenbosch University to study mechanical engineering.

His love for the combination of engineering and business was realised during his studying career. As a part time job he hand built and sold over seventy high performance racing canoes of which at least two had won The Berg River Canoe Marathon. Part of the company’s initial capital was generated from this part time canoe building venture.

In 1985 Charl started his corporate mechanical engineering career at Armscor. His involvement covered the design of lightweight composite military equipment and the necessary manufacturing processes involved. The experience gained during this time still forms the backbone of the way Gossamer Structures designs, manufactures, controls quality and documents their machines and projects. These experiences naturally lead to the initial focus of Gossamer Structures being lightweight composite structures. (See the "Inspiration for company name" for more on the Gossamer Structures name).

Focus on Design and Assembly:

A design should not only be a plan for an object, it should be a solution to a problem.

Here at Gossamer Structures we specialize in the design and assembly of end-of-line packaging machinery. We focus on making our designs as easy to assemble as they are efficient in final production. Our design and assembly processes are aimed at producing machines that work reliably no matter what the operating conditions. Should a breakage occur, we carry comprehensive stock of all critical items.

The company’s core design team consists of four qualified engineers that draw from over 75 years combined design- and hands on experience. They use state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs to produce accurate, thorough machine designs. Carefully selected materials are used to ensure robust and reliable components.

Once a Gossamer machine is assembled, it is company policy that the machine is tested with the particular client’s specific packaging before it may leave the factory floor. Gossamer technicians do the on-site installation, commissioning and operator training. Once the machine is operational, you can be sure of excellent after sales service and technical support, directly from the Gossamer factory.

World Market:
Gossamer Structures is widely regarded as the leading end-of-line packaging machine designer and manufacturer in South Africa. The World Market dictates the quality of agricultural and industrial products and packaging, and therefore dictates the quality of Gossamer machines.

Of the more than one thousand Gossamer machines that have been commissioned, none have been returned because of poor quality or performance issues. Gossamer machines have been commissioned in Australia, mainland USA, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, Hawaii, Botswana and South Africa.

Mission and Vision:
As a specialist engineering company, Gossamer Structures’ mission is to produce packaging machinery of unrivalled quality through engineering perfection leading to absolute client satisfaction. We aim to service both the local and international market, in the process formulating economic growth for all involved. The company envisions itself as one of the leading global competitors in the packaging industry.
Customer Testimonials:

Johan Nell (Project Engineer, Distell):
"We have done quite a big intensive study of machine supplying companies, evaluating both locally and internationally. At the end of the study, we decided to standardize on Gossamer machines. I would recommend Gossamer as a supplier of packaging equipment because of their reliability, the design of the products they offer, their sense of ownership, their professionalism, and most importantly the after sale service they offer. If one studies the design of their equipment, one can see that they pay much attention to detail. In my opinion, they are at world class standard."

Henk Ryke (Engineering Manager, Two a Day):
"We’re currently running five Gossamer Dry Bin Fillers and, in total, eight Carton Erectors, of which the first was commissioned in 1996. The relationship of Gossamer and Two a Day has extended over the past ten years and we’ve grown to be like family. The operating personnel and the production department have a lot of confidence in the machines for they are easy to operate and do not let us down.
We look forward to a lot more from Gossamer."

Frans Albertyn (Executive Director, The Company of Wine People):
"In 2002 we ordered our first Gossamer machine. The project type demanded for the machine to be designed and built from scratch. The machine is what Gossamer calls a Pick and Place packer. At that stage it was a risk we took, because the less risky solution in this situation is to import a machine. I had enough faith in Gossamer to entrust them with the order. The machine was delivered and installed on time and today is outperforming some of the well-known European brands."

Team Gossamer:
Charl Nieder-Heitmann (Managing Director of Gossamer Structurers): "Gossamer Structures’ biggest asset is its dedicated workforce. Happy employees are the key to designing and assembling a world class product - these two go hand in hand. To be competitive each member of the team must believe that what they do is important and the management’s job is to create the environment for them to do so. Put your workforce first and watch them be successful."