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Fruit Packers

Gossamer Fruit Packers make use of the latest technology to provide sensible solutions to your fruit packing needs. The PP-201 is a fruit packer in the conventional sense, but accommodates a wider range of fruit sizes than competitive machines, at higher speeds. The Gossamer Fruit Packer range has recently been expanded with the addition of the Gossamer PP-TWIN®. This ingenious machine was designed with the onus on citrus fruit, but can also easily accommodate a wide variety of other fruit. With a small footprint the PP-TWIN® can pack 2 count sizes simultaneously, sharing hardware to make it an extremely cost effective fruit packer. The machine uses preformed patterned trays for precision positioning of the fruit before it is automatically picked-and-placed into cartons. Cartons are packed simultaneously to enable high packing speeds. An optional automated carton feed system adds versatility.